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Our utmost priority at CenterStage is assisting you in crafting events that become beautiful lifetime memories. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive and diverse range of products and services!

Suppose you’ve always envisioned that fairy-tale wedding; we will make those dreams come true! Our gorgeous decorations will add glamour and magic to any chosen venue. From twinkling fairy lights to a Live wedding band to serenade your guests through the night, your wedding will be one to remember!

Maybe your child craves adventure for his next birthday bash. Our sand art station and inflatable slide are guaranteed to thrill each of the young party guest. Perhaps you’ve always desired that that ‘Instagram-able’ birthday party or a stunning setup for your first baby shower. Our photobooth, cotton candy machine, andpopcorn machine would make great additions to your party to make it the talk of the town for weeks!

Let’s say your boss has assigned you as the person responsible for organizing their next massive event. In this case, we can relate to that immense pressure. Look no further. We can help! We are highly professional in handling numerous corporate events, including sound and light equipment setups, tables and chairs for guests, special performances, and even ice-breaking games and workshops to forge teamwork.

Whats more?

We understand the hassle of scavenging different malls in Kuala Lumpur to purchase essentials for your events. To make things significantly more convenient for you, we’ve put together exclusive party packs and promotion sets that come at an affordable prices.

Plus, organizing massive events is no easy feat. Fret not. Our crew is always readily available to answer your doubts and queries and provide services to ensure the success of each occasion. We can cater and accommodate specifically to your needs and the number of expected guests. Every event is crafted uniquely to meet your expectations and needs of guests ranging from less than ten to hundreds of people.

As a Malaysian, you may want to experience the beautiful cultures of all the races. Traditional dances and performances will garner the interest of many and breed unity. There are great for various types of events and a great way to showcase the beauty and diversity of the different cultures and races in Malaysia. That’s not all. You may desire a more hands-on experience for yourself and your guests. In that case, we provide traditional games for rent, including Congkak, Batu Seremban, and Sepak Bulu Tangkis. These activities will brighten up the atmosphere and add laughter and fun to each occasion! If you do not know how to play, don’t fret, we could also supply our manpower to assist.

Arts & crafts is one of our favourite activities to entertain the young minds. It will occupy them for at least  one hour. Our experience instructor will guide them through step-by-step. We also provide mascots and costumes rental for various types of events. The cute or (not so cute) mascot and costumes always a crowd puller. Costume customization is always welcomed to suit your party themes.

There is no end to what we can do, so don’t be afraid to dream big. Centerstage will transform any event into a spectacular one. We don’t just create events for the sake of it. We have an immense passion and zeal to create events that will forge unforgettable memories that last a long time!

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