Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my event needs?

Bookings are subject to product availability. Once you are firm on your date, reserve your rental items. This will secure the products that you have chosen for your special event.

What do you require to book an order?

To confirm an order please click the items you need, key in your contact information (address, phone and email) and click check out. We will contact you between 2-3 working days to confirm your booking. Once you receive our confirmation email, please make  payment by bank transfer, cash or ATM 48 hours after receiving the email. Failure to do so, we will release your booking. 

Do you offer package deals?

No. All of our items are priced individually, unless otherwise stated. 

Are there any minimum quantities that I need to book?

All the quantity choices are stated in the choices in individual items. 

When is the latest I need to finalize my order?

For confirmed & paid order, 2 days prior to event day. For more information see our cancellation policy. This policy helps us to ensure that your order is packed as accurately as possible.

We would like to have a last minute booking, can I still be able to book?

Yes, as long as the item is still available. 

What is your cancellation policy?

All confirmed & paid order are subject to 50% cancelation charges on total billing no later than 14 days before event. 100% cancelation charges is chargeable for any cancelation lesser than 14 days before event. 

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do offer delivery. Kindly enter your delivery address upon checkout. The delivery charges will be calculated accordingly based on your delivery address. Delivery rates will vary depending on delivery specifics.

How much is your delivery fee?

Delivery rates vary depending on delivery specifics. Kindly add into the cart and checkout to request for a quote.

Do you rent to outstation events?

Yes. You can pick the items up yourself or we can deliver. If you require delivery please contact us for a delivery rate. We can also help you arrange shipment of some items via courier.

What are the hours for pickups?

Our office operates from Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 6.00 pm. Please make arrangement with us before dropping by. 

Do I have to pick up my order myself or can I send someone else?

Either you or someone else can pick up your order. They will need to provide the full name that is booked under with booking number and settle any remaining balance owing on the account. This procedure is to authorize and protect your goods.

I need my rentals for more than one day, how does that work?

You could choose for multiple days rental in our website. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Do you set up my rentals?

Some rented items already come with manpower to mend the items. While some are not. To setup & dismantle tables, chairs, canopy, etc, additional labour charges will be charged. Please contact us for more details. 

When is my final balance due?

All final balances are due the week of your event. 

How can I pay for my rentals?

We accept cash, cheque, and bank transfer. Any payments made by cheque must be made at least one week prior to your event to allow the funds to clear.

Do I need to wash the costume or mascot before I return them?

We will wash all the costume & mascot rented out. Please do not wash any of the costume & mascot on your own. Any damage to the costume & mascot, will result in forfeited deposit. 

What happen if I stained the costume/mascot?

We will charge a replacement fees for any costume/mascot that has a hole, staple holes, mildew, permanent stains and any missing linens as part of the costume/mascot. 

What is the charges for any damage to rented items?

You (the customer) are responsible for returning rental items in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary wear and tear. You are liable for the replacement cost of damaged or lost items. 

I did not use all my items, will I get a refund?

Rental items are charged for time out, not for use. Every item that leaves our building is treated the same way upon return, used or not. This ensures that every item you receive is clean and safe.

What happens if I return my rentals late?

Late rentals will be charged according to rental rate for each day.

What is the arrangement for performance on event day?

The performer(s) will arrive at least 30 minutes before the event time. Once your booking is confirm, we will give you the PIC contact from Centerstage so that you can be in touch with us. 

What is the arrangement for workshops/activities on event day?

The instructor(s) will arrive at least 30 minutes before the event time. Once your booking is confirm, we will give you the PIC contact from Centerstage so that you can be in touch with us. 

How long is the performance/activities?

Duration of the performance & activities are stated in the booking. Some items, you may also choose your own duration. 

How much does the performance cost?

It varies for every performance. Please select the performance(s) that you wanted, key in all the information needed, once your request is submitted to us, we will send you the quotation accordingly. 

Does the refundable deposit applies to all the items?

No. Refundable deposit only applies for certain items.

How do I know the item contain refundable deposit?

The refundable deposit rate will be listed individually in the order summary when you checkout.

When will I get back my refundable deposit?

The deposit will be refunded when the item(s) is returned in good condition.

How do I remove an item from my Cart?

Step 1: Click on the cart icon on the top right of the website and it will lead you to the order summary page.

Step 2: Click on the “X” button next to the product picture that you have chosen to remove the item.

Your Cart will be updated, and the item will no longer be in your cart.  

Can I place an order through Facebook or Whatsapp?

We’re really sorry, but we only accept orders through our website at This allows us to better assist each and every customer.

Why was I charged with the wrong amount in my order?

The items that you selected might incur a refundable deposit. These charges will reflect at your order summary. 

However, if your order is indeed charged with wrong amount, please contact us at

Do you have bulk pricing? 

Yes we do, but these are only applicable for the arts & crafts materials only. Please drop us an email at for more information.

Does adding an item to my Cart means that I’ve already booked it?

Item(s) in the Cart are not considered as booked or confirmed as these items can be removed or added to your preference. 

Note: Item(s) in the Cart may be out of stock within the time frame that the item is in the Cart. 

Do make sure to make payment within 48 hours after receiving a confirmation email from us to secure the items.  

What if there’s a product that I want to purchase that is not available on the website?

Do drop us an email at and we will do our best to assist you. If you need the item in bulk, we will try our best to help you find what you need.

What if I urgently need my products?

We’d advise you to place an order for your products at least a week in advance before you need to use them. As for the arts & crafts material(s) bulk purchase you have to pre-order it at least two weeks in advance before you need to use them.

If I place my order today, can I get it tomorrow? 

No, unfortunately you can’t receive your order the next day. 

Why I can’t add items to the cart even it is showing in stock? 

Try clearing your browser cache by pressing ctrl + shift + delete and cheeked the cache. After that click on the Clear Browsing Data and reopen the browser again.

Why I can’t add items to the cart?

You cannot add products to the cart if the product is out of stock. You can send us an email to to check on the products availability. 

Can I walk-in to enquire?

Yes you can. Please call or email at to arrange an appointment for walk-in enquire.

Is it possible to return an item I have purchased?

If there is a defect with the product or it is damaged, do bring the product back to us within 7 working days from the received date and will evaluate it. Otherwise, we’re so sorry that we are not able to accept returns or refunds.

Is it possible to return a custom order item?

No, unfortunately once you have made the order and picked up, we will not entertain returns or refunds. So before you buy in bulk or purchase a custom order, it is best to purchase in smaller batches first to see if the product is suitable for you. 

What are your bank details?

We will send you the bank details via email once we confirm the availability of the item(s) that you have selected. Remember to always email us a copy of your payment slip so that we can track your payment and process your order.

Do you reserve my products after I’ve placed the order?

We will only reserve products after the payment has been made.