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Batik Demo has been one of the most interesting session where it could wow your guest during Hari Raya season. During the demonstration the instructor will demonstrate how to draw the batik using wax and you could participate in coloring the batik. Through the demonstration you and your guest could learn the skills of designing and coloring the batik. We do take jobs for demonstration in any kind of event or celebration such as corporate events, annual dinners, parties, celebrations at shopping malls and many more.

Required to provide: 

  • 1x Table (minimum size of 90 cm (w) x 90 cm (l) x 75 cm (h))
  • 1x Chair
  • 1x Plug point
  • 1x Extension cord if plug point is located more than 2 feet away.

Rates include:
1x instructor and 1 hour batik demo session.

Transportation charges:
Delivery fee(s) is not included in the total price. Kindly enter your delivery address upon checkout. The fees will be calculated accordingly.

Our instructor will arrive 30 minutes before the session start for preparation.

*All pictures shown is for illustration purpose only. Terms & Conditions apply.

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