Diamond Beads Painting Paper Pendant (Workshop)

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1 Hours Duration


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Diamond Beads Painting Paper Pendant is a craft accessory for creating unique and shimmering pendants. It includes a paper pendant with a special surface for diamond beads application, allowing you to easily craft a personalized and dazzling jewelry piece. Ideal for those who enjoy diamond painting and want to create wearable art.

paper card, string, diamond beads, tools

Required to provide:
Tables & chairs (according to number of participants).

Rates include:

  • 1x instructor, 30x art materials, 1 hour workshop session. (Rate would be different if more units are required).

Transportation charges:
Delivery fee(s) is not included in the total price. Kindly enter your delivery address upon checkout. The fees will be calculated accordingly.

Our instructor will arrive 30 minutes before the event for preparation.

Tables and chairs are not inclusive in the package rate. We do provide tables and chairs rental services, if your event doesn’t have any. (Additional charges for this service will be applied)

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