Taiwan Big Head Doll

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20 Minutes Duration


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Taiwan Big Head Doll is a popular toy in Taiwan that has gained a following in other parts of the world as well. It is a type of doll that features a disproportionately large head compared to the rest of the body, hence the name “Big Head”. Taiwan Big Head Doll is normally performed on big occasions during Chinese New Year season. Taiwan Big Head Doll can be hired for any kinds of office blessings, corporate events, launch events, festivals, celebrations and many more.


Performance Rates:
Kindly select the duration, performance type and the date(s) that you would like to request. After selecting the details you could add into the cart to request for quotation.

Transportation charges:
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Our performers will arrive 30 minutes before the show for preparation.

Sound system is not inclusive in the rate. We do provide sound system rental services, if your event doesn’t have any. (Additional charges for this service will be applied)

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